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Meet the Founder

Hello, I am Rajendra Kamath. I grew up in Anushaktinagar (the very same place Suryakumar Yadav hails from!), Mumbai, a place known for its fantastic sports facilities. It's where my passion for sports began.

I moved to the USA and then to Bengaluru, where I instilled a love for football in my children. In 2023, both my sons earned football scholarships at US universities. This journey taught me valuable lessons on the process.

Now, I want to share these insights with parents who aim to send their talented kids to the USA on sports scholarships. That is why I founded FINAL THIRD.

Empowering Athletes to Achieve Excellence and Education

Vision & Mission



Our vision is to create a transformative journey for promising Indian athletes, empowering them to follow their athletic passion while receiving a world class education, thereby setting them up for extraordinary journey of growth and success.



To provide comprehensive guidance, information, suggest viable options of pursuing sports along with getting world class education in the USA.

We offer a unique and valuable perspective that sets us apart

Why Engage with Us



I have guided my own sons through their football journey, from clubs and academies in India to exposure trips in Europe and the US. I have experienced the ups and downs, making me well-equipped to assist your family.



I have been in your shoes, pondering over the future of my kids in sports. I have explored various avenues for their development, giving me a deep understanding of the choices you're considering.



Having lived in the US for over a decade, I have blended my American experience with an Indian parent’s expectations where making it big in sports goes hand in hand with a world-class education.



I am aware of the financial concerns associated with committing to the entire process upfront, only to have your child change direction towards an academic-oriented path. I can help you make informed decisions to minimize such risks. Moreover,the flexibility in my offerings will take care of any such scenario.

Success Stories: Aarush and Avaneesh

Case Study

The remarkable football journey of Aarush and Avaneesh

Aarush and Avaneesh embarked on their remarkable football (called soccer in USA) journey in LSUE, NJCAA D1 top 10 soccer powerhouse, on full scholarship. They have set out to pursue their passion for soccer while acquiring a world-class education.

The Final Third Difference

Final Third played a pivotal role in their success, providing guidance and expertise throughout the recruitment process. Their case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of mentorship and perseverance.

Inspiring the future

Aarush and Avaneesh's journey is an inspiration for aspiring athletes and parents, highlighting the possibilities when passion, talent and determination converge

Achieving Excellence

Their dedication paid off as they now thrive in both academics and athletics. Aarush and Avaneesh represent the epitome of success in sports scholarships, proving that with hard work and the right support, dreams can become reality.


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Starting Third

Basic Introduction through a 2 hour (video call)

8th or 9th grade

  • Understand parent / student background, sport, academics
  • USA College Athletic Associations
  • College selection criteria for sport of choice
  • Contacting college coaches
  • Profile (video and pdf)
  • USA Athletic Association registration
  • Recruiting questionnaires
  • Id camps
  • Expectation of US coaches
  • NCAA academics, core subjects
  • SAT / ACT
  • College application process
  • Financials including athletics scholarships
  • Visa
  • Role of school counsellor
  • Social media presence
  • My twin boys recruiting journey
  • What will be my role?

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Middle Third

Helping you prepare

9th grade to get a head start

  • Detailed academic assessment
  • NCAA core subjects
  • Assess soccer interest, experience, skill, majors, finances, and expectations.
  • Advice on creating profile (video, pdf)
  • Advice on international exposure or clubs/academies in India*
  • NCAA registration support
  • Mapping and shortlisting US colleges
  • Coaches reach out (personalization techniques)
  • Prep for discussion with coaches
  • ID camps planning and registration
  • SAT / ACT
  • Working with counselor
  • Ground work to create holistic applications
  • Visa documentation prep
  • Financials prep
  • *Currently for football

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Final Third

Convert & Close

Logically follows Middle Third started in 9th

  • Work with our USA partners
  • Continue to reach out to coaches
  • ID camp and coach interaction
  • Athletic offer
  • NLI
  • College financials
  • SAT / ACT
  • Support during US college applications
  • College athletic scholarship acceptance
  • Support during student visa application
  • Prep to adapt to student athlete life (assimilation, settle and thrive)
  • Tips on logistics from India to US college city, initial settling in list for dorm, bank account and a few additional topics.

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